Morning Routine


As much as I hate waking up before 5 A.M. every morning (husband’s job), mornings are very peaceful. I get up, make up the bed, get dressed for the day, take my pill that won’t let me eat for the next hour…grrr…me want food, then get my son’s medicine and breakfast ready. I pick him up from his crib, he smiles at me and talks to me in that language that I can’t even begin to understand (but I act like I do). Feed him, then wait until I can eat breakfast. While I’m waiting, my son goes off on his adventures.

Today, he’s over by the open windows playing with the strings that make the blinds go up and down. It took him a while to be okay with this action. I remember the first time he ever discovered that the blinds could move, and that there were window blinds period. He had this shocked look on his face like, “Mom, what on earth is happening? Why is there light in here now? What’s going on? OhmygoshIcan’tbeliveitthisisawesome!” Yep, he said all that.

Eventually he’ll re-discover his toys that are on the bottom shelf of the entertainment center. Even though I place him right in front of his toys every.single.morning, he ignores them. Once he discovers them, he’ll pick out his favorite for the day and plop on his back and just stare at it for a while.

Once he gets tired of that, he’ll move on to holding the couch, among other things, to walk around the living room. Oh snap, he re-discovered that there is a phone plug in. This must be played every day, multiple times a day, even though I try to stop him each time. He then starts to run his little fingers across the bottom side of the end table. Obviously it’s an awesome feeling, he rubs it for a few minutes and goes back to it a few times a day.

Next, he’ll move on to his Winnie the Pooh walker that he got for $25 from the secondhand store. It was dirty, extremely dirty. It took me an hour and a half to clean it when we got it back home. A few weeks later I discovered that the exact same one was being sold for $50 at Walmart-BRAND NEW. Go me. He likes to climb on top of his walker. Later this morning, when he goes back to it, he’ll fall on it a few times. This will begin the rest of the day’s screaming antics.

Finally, he’ll move onto the vent in the hallway. This is an amazing thing. When he rubs his fingers up and down on it, it makes noise. IT’S THE BEST THING EVER! OHMYGOSHHOWDAREYOUKEEPTHISFROMMEMOM! When I never actually kept him from it.

After he has done all of those things, with me looking over at him periodically and smiling (and getting a huge smile and laugh in return), he climbs up my dining table chair and I realize it’s my food time. Same routine, every day. But, surprisingly, I don’t mind. It’s peaceful, and it’s the part of the day when he is at his happiest. T minus 2 hours and it will be time for his first fit. Joy.

Do you have a routine that you do with your child(ren) every morning?


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