Ready or Not, Here He Comes


My son is a little over 8 and a half months old. He’s a little tall and chunky for his age, but he is also very strong. Not only can he crawl with a quickness like I’ve never seen (I have problems keeping up with him now-it’s like he’s by the patio door one second and the next he’s all the way across the living room and dining area into the kitchen…can you say Flash?), but he can also do chin-ups. That’s right. This somewhat-not-so-small baby can do chin-ups.

The traitor likes to pull up on the back of the couch and on the arm of the couch, but he will never pull himself up on the couch cushion. I am safe from that…for now. Whenever I eat supper on the coffee table, I sit indian-style on the couch and pull the table up against it to keep my son from grabbing my food. Even though this is very effective for my supper-eating-awesomeness-time , it is not good for my son’s head.

This little ball of constant energy still tries to get at me (or should I say MY FOOD) by crawling up to be against the couch and repeatedly knocking his head against the coffee table while trying to stand up. That’s right, he just keeps knocking his IQ points away. My husband once said that he had high hopes for him going to an Ivy League college, and since my son kept knocking his head on stuff (over and over and over again), he moved that down to a 4-year university, then community college, and now my husband’s saying he’s just going to wind up being in the army like him. Maybe I can salvage his IQ points by putting a baby-sized….or toddler-sized….football helmet on him. Do they even make those that small?

Right now, my son is holding onto walls and furniture and my leg to walk around our apartment. Everyone keeps telling me to prepare myself for when he starts walking. I don’t want to think about that right now. I really don’t. However, by the time Halloween gets here, he will probably be walking. Knowing how stubborn and determined my kid is, just like his daddy and me, he may even start walking before then. “Ready or not, Mom,” it seems like he tells me, “here I come!”


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