Pregnant with P.O.T.S.


Being pregnant in general is very exhausting and it is work. Now throw something in as life changing as P.O.T.S. and you are in for a ride. My husband and I had wanted to wait for a while before we had children in order to give me some time to see if I would get better and have a surgery that could have possibly helped me, but my son was a complete surprise. In fact, when I found out I was pregnant, I was just using a box of pregnancy tests before I threw them away. I had no inclination of being with child, but each pregnancy test I took came up quickly positive every single time. So shocking.

As soon as I found out I was pregnant, I stopped taking my meds for P.O.T.S. However, even though I tried not being on any medication, that simply wasn’t happening. I had to take my medicine throughout my entire pregnancy and still had problems. At one point, my son was in danger of being taken out around 31 or 32 weeks pregnant because of him seemingly being affected by the medicine I was on. Thankfully, and only by the grace of God, my son beat the odds that were against him. He was still undersized for a while, all the way up until a month before I had him. He started getting around the normal growth stages and then surpassing them.

Labor was something I was dreading, but not for the usual reasons. I didn’t really care about all the pain that was about to come my way, I was more worried about being able to give birth to my son without any complications, such as fainting. At first, I wanted a cesarean section, or C-section, birth. But, my doctor helped me to see that it was probably going to be safer to give birth through vaginal delivery. When the day came to be medically induced (to read about that adventure read my other post titled Football and Birthing a Baby) at 39 weeks, I was extremely scared. Even though my husband doesn’t see how he helped me by being there, if it wasn’t for him, I don’t know how I could have gone through it without freaking the crap out. The staff at the hospital had me lay on one of my sides, because my vitals would only be in an okay range by laying on my side.

When I got to 6 cm dilated, I was able to receive an epidural. The anesthesiologist that did the epidural stayed with me for a couple of hours to make sure nothing bad happened. Normally, the anesthesiologists at the hospital I went to don’t stay with the mom. Later on in the evening, it was time to push. I did have a little issue here. They had to give me oxygen while I was pushing, because I wasn’t getting enough in my system. My baby’s head was crowning, his cord was wrapped around his neck a couple of times, and I thought my body was about to give up. He wound up being delivered with a vacuum to suction him out of me.

The breastfeeding lady at the hospital wanted me to breastfeed my baby. However, after doing some research online about my medicines being transferred through breast milk and after the scare of him being so far behind before in the womb, I decided to formula feed him. I did not want the medicines I had to take being in his system anymore, and I needed the medicines to be better able to take care of him. My baby was and is fine. The only thing that is wrong with him is some stomach problems. He does take medicine to help with his reflux, but it is not uncommon for babies to have these issues.

After all of that, he was fine and I was fine (all things considered). My P.O.T.S. did begin to get worse, but I am on medications, a special diet, and an exercise program to help with it. It is hard being a mom with P.O.T.S., but it is doable. If you want to get pregnant and have P.O.T.S. and have any questions that I could help you with, or you would like to just have someone to talk to about this stuff that has gone through it, please let me know. I’m here to help!


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