Toilets-R-Us, or should I say Toilets-R-the Traitor’s. My son has this constant love of toilets, surpassing any dog I have ever been around. The doors that lead to the toilets are shut for most of the day. I will occasionally forget to shut one of the doors when I leave either of them, and my husband tends to forget to shut the doors as well. The downside to when my husband leaves the door open is that he also leaves the seat lid up. Once my son discovers that one of those doors is open, he makes a run for it.  He loves just playing in the water in the toilet bowl and splashing it all over his person and the ground. The squirt especially loves doing this right after he’s had a bath and is all nice and clean.

While on the subject of things that my son loves that irk me, you can also say that he has a love of the game controllers we have in our home and the dishwasher. He opens the doors to the entertainment center and reaches way back in one of the top shelves and grabs a controller. My kid is too smart for my own good. Also, whenever I’m loading or unloading the dishwasher, he has to try to play in the dishwasher. Every. Single. Time.

One more thing he has a love for is window blinds and their strings. See the picture below.


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