La Llorona – The Weeping Woman


La Llorona (lah yoh-roh-nah), or the Weeping Woman, soon will be made famous by the television show Grimm. There are a few different tales about La Llorona. The general consensus is that she is a beautiful woman with long black hair and she wears a white dress (sometimes a veil, depending on the story), and she will steal children away and either never return them or kill them. She is mostly represented as a woman who drowned her children (I’ve read most places that she had two children, but I’ve also heard 3), and she is actually represented as a goddess in one tale I read. However, I will give you two of the legends in tonight’s post.

Legend #1

La Llorona was once the most beautiful girl in town. Rich and poor men alike fawned all over her. One day, a handsome man caught her eye and they eventually got married. The couple had two little boys together. Everything was going great for a while, but her husband started going back to his old bachelor ways and would be gone for months at a time. Whenever he came home, he would only really acknowledge their children. The future Weeping Woman became jealous of her sons. Her husband also was thinking of leaving her for another woman in his wealthy class.

After one of his usual disappearances, the husband rode by their house and only talked to the children, completely ignoring his jealous and lonely wife. She reportedly became so jealous of her sons that she walked them down to the water and drowned them. Realizing what she had done, she wailed and grieved. The next morning, someone found her dead on the river bank, and they buried her in the spot they found her. Beginning the first night she was buried, La Llorona has appeared wailing for her children. Children are warned to not go out at night for fear that she will snatch them up and never return them.

Legend #2

Another tale gives La Llorona’s supposed real name, Maria. Maria was a beautiful peasant girl who was admired and sought after by many men. During the day, she would be seen around her poor settings; however, at night, she would be seen hanging around men in the town in a white dress. She fell in love with the attention she would receive, but she had two young sons who she would leave at home while she fooled around with the men. One day, two small boys were found drowned. It is said either they died from Maria’s neglect or she even may have killed them herself.

Even though there are a few different variations of the tale of La Llorona, she is reportedly beautiful, wears a white dress, killed her children either by her own hand or through neglect, and wails at night. Her story is often told to little children to behave and not go out at night for fear they would be captured by her and never seen alive again.

Do you have any stories similar to La Llorona that you would like to share?


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