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Back in Town


Finally, I’m back home. Well, I got home the night before Thanksgiving, but I’ve been spending time with my husband and the Traitor, as well as trying to recuperate from the traveling. The trip went okay, I won’t know what the Air Force decides for a while. All I have to say about flying is… thank you for midodrine, Heavenly Father! If it wasn’t for midodrine, I don’t know how I would have made it. I will post a few posts about the trip and my son soon, but I just wanted to touch base with you guys. I would like to read all of the blog posts I missed while I was gone, but there are literally too many for me to read at the moment.

I hope you guys had a great Thanksgiving! Soon I will post a cheap and easy Thanksgiving Day/Christmas Day meal. Take care!


Parenthood Makes You Old


Married life changes you. A lot of people don’t know or realize that, but it does. Parenthood changes you, perhaps even more. I’ve found that I’m not the same, somewhat chill person I used to be. Not at all. Now, I’m a major worry wort and feel like I have to be a parent to my husband and son both at times. I hear this is similar in most marriages. My husband can barely stay up past 10:00 P.M. now, he used to be able to stay up all night. We both aren’t even in our late twenties yet, but we feel like we’re in our forties. Listed below are some changes that happen when you get married and have a kid.

  • A busy day for us involves us going to Sam’s Club for diapers and formula, Wal-Mart for other groceries, and several other stores trying to find a pack ‘n’ play for our son. If we want to get crazy we may even go to Kohl’s. In order for you to see how drastic a change this is, my husband is a grunt.
  • Romance doesn’t involve candlelight dinners or movies or long walks in the city on a cool summer’s night. Romance is bonding over something that made you two laugh, usually something to do with the house or the kid, or being able to lay down before 9:00 P.M. and just watch a movie with each other.
  • A night out consists of visiting other married couples and playing some pretty funny card games.
  • You think it is an extreme travesty when a gym refuses to have a daycare because it would be a distraction to others. Excuse me, but your gym would probably have a lot more patrons if you had daycare. Jerks.
  • Date nights are important, but they are extremely hard to have when you have a baby and you don’t want to burden the same couple every time you want to have a night out with your husband.
  • Sleep time is the only quiet time, at least for my hubby and baby. They both snore so very loudly, there is no silence for me. Thanks, guys.
  • You will literally do just about anything to make your baby stop crying. Even if it means singing in the store to keep him calm…and you are no Susan Boyle. Not by a long shot.
  • I have three gray hairs already. Three. Gray. Hairs. I’m not even 25 yet.
  • When you see younger couples in the mall or see a teenage girl be all happy about how she has a great body, you can’t help but think, “Enjoy it while it lasts. Someday you will have stretch marks the size of the Nile and you won’t be able to remember the last time you went on a shopping spree for yourself. Your baby will take all of his or her cuteness from your hind parts. Then you will know. You will be the new Tiger Butt.” Don’t judge me.
  • You see younger people do all these crazy stunts and taking all of these random trips and you will say, “They are stupid! Don’t they know that (insert formerly-not-so-dangerous-activity-but-is-now-deemed-dangerous here) is dangerous? It is stupid to go out on a road trip without planning! I need to know how many bottles to bring!” Then you realize that they don’t have to worry about bottles, diapers, or if they brought enough toys to take with them. They have no kids.
  • All of the things you begin to think about as a mom especially are: how many laundry loads I still have to do, plan meals out at least two weeks at a time, do I have enough cleaning supplies, can I squeeze in time for a phone call or Skype call with friends or family, what all I need from the grocery store, what messes do I need to clean up before bed, can I wait to wash those bottles in the morning, why didn’t I wash those bottles last night, why do I have to repeat myself at least five times to be heard, why can’t he pick up his clothes, why can’t he change a poopy diaper, how can my husband seriously not think of anything at all when I’m thinking of 15 different things at once, etc.
  • All of the things you begin to think about as a dad are: do I have enough chips, I wonder when I’ll go to sleep tonight, why can’t my 10-month-old use the potty yet, why does he have to poop when my wife’s not here, why does my wife get upset about clothes being on the floor or my uniform spread all over the house, I hate commercials, why does my wife get upset when I don’t answer her while I’m watching T.V. – I really am not thinking anything at all, haha silly dog on a rope swing, hmm I wonder if my son likes jalapeƱos.

As you can see, marriage and parenthood are not easy. They are not meant to be easy, though. It does help if you have a real partner in life and try to edify and help one another. If you think marriage is a handful and you already feel old for being married, wait until you have kids. Yes, all this means is that you are responsible and have priorities. You can put it the grown-up way or you can put it my husband’s way: parenthood makes you old.

The Election Results


I’ve kept quiet on this for a while, but it is time I write something about the election, I guess. Whether Obama or Romney, I do not like either one of them. I refused to vote for either of them and voted for Virgil Goode instead (I side with him the most). No matter what people say, I didn’t waste my vote. Take a look at this quote by John Quincy Adams, “Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost.”

Well, regardless of who won the election (Obama won), my friend, both our small families, and I were planning on moving to Australia (the husbands may or may not know about that yet). Pack them bags, Caitlin, we have some big travel plans to make and a lot of Bloomin’ Onions to stock up on!

*Update- Now Shawna wants to come, and she can make us Bloomin’ Onions! Outback not needed anymore!

A Lament for Sleep


I modeled this after the first two stanzas of The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe (the inspiration coming from the movie The Raven). Since I used the website thoroughly, there are some odd words in here. Suggestions are appreciated! I may add more soon.

A Lament for Sleep

Once upon the ninth hour bleak,

Over a droll and fanciful bassinet on the floor,

While nearly listless, quickly there came a rapping,

As if someone mildly slapping, slapping near my door.

“Tis my bairn,” I grumbled, “crib slapping near my door.

Only him and nothing more.”


Ah, clearly I recall, it was during the dreary fall,

And trying to fall into a sweet repose once more,

Earnestly, gladly, nearly catching those forty winks

In my sorrow for a delay of rest, sorrow for no sleep once more,

My child desiring to exercise with his playthings from yonder store,

Sleep for me nevermore.

-You can read The Raven here:

Breastmilk or Formula?


Today is another rant post. I am so sick of the breast milk versus formula argument. People just need to chill out and let parents do whatever they think is best. If someone decides to formula feed because she just feels so awkward breastfeeding, why would people care? Or if someone decides to formula feed because of medication (like me), then you definitely shouldn’t care. If someone decides to still breastfeed their toddler until he or she is 3, you shouldn’t care (but breastfeeding a 12-year-old, in a story I read before, is just too much).

When I was pregnant with my son, I tried to get off of my medications, but I couldn’t. My body needs them to regulate my blood pressure and my heart rate. At one point in my pregnancy, the doctors were debating on whether or not taking him out at 31 or 34 weeks because his body was being affected by medication. By the grace of God, my son beat what they thought was wrong and is perfectly healthy. However, I was not going to breastfeed him and make my medications still be introduced into his body. I was literally afraid of something happening to him. So, after discussing it with my husband, we decided that formula would be the best route for him. He is healthy, he is smart, and he is way ahead of other babies his age and some babies even older than him. Other people have asked why I didn’t get breast milk from one of those storage banks. There was no way I would allow a strangers breast milk to enter my son’s body, that’s just how I am.

Honestly, I felt like a horrible mom for feeding him formula. All I ever heard while pregnant was how awful moms are who feed their babies formula, how dare I not feed him at least someone’s breast milk, or how I am basically killing my son and making him exposed to so many diseases by not breastfeeding him. I’m sorry, I think it’s more important for me to not re-introduce my medicines to his system. Breastfeeding would take so much more out of me like hydration, energy (that I couldn’t hardly spare anyways), etc. Being a mom is hard, kudos to those who breastfeed. Honestly, I probably would have breastfed, at least a while, were it not for my medicines.

But being berated and others trying to make me and other moms who formula feed feel like crap because we don’t breastfeed is uncalled for. Likewise, moms who are berated for breastfeeding is awful. The bottom line is that you don’t know why a mom chooses to breastfeed or formula feed, and you shouldn’t care. Babies still get the nutrients they need either way and are healthy either way. Yes, babies who are fed formula do get sick and have problems, but so do breastfed babies. Let’s all act like the adults we are and respect one another’s parenting, especially if there is no harm to the child or children. – End rant. (Any degrading comments will not be approved.)