A Lament for Sleep


I modeled this after the first two stanzas of The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe (the inspiration coming from the movie The Raven). Since I used the thesaurus.com website thoroughly, there are some odd words in here. Suggestions are appreciated! I may add more soon.

A Lament for Sleep

Once upon the ninth hour bleak,

Over a droll and fanciful bassinet on the floor,

While nearly listless, quickly there came a rapping,

As if someone mildly slapping, slapping near my door.

“Tis my bairn,” I grumbled, “crib slapping near my door.

Only him and nothing more.”


Ah, clearly I recall, it was during the dreary fall,

And trying to fall into a sweet repose once more,

Earnestly, gladly, nearly catching those forty winks

In my sorrow for a delay of rest, sorrow for no sleep once more,

My child desiring to exercise with his playthings from yonder store,

Sleep for me nevermore.

-You can read The Raven here: http://www.houseofusher.net/raven.html


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