Toddler Adventures


My son turned a year old last month, hooray! Let’s hope the next however-many-years are not as hard as the first one! Being a mom is one of the most rewarding yet extremely frustrating things in the world, especially when you’re a stay-at-home-mom. Sadly, my husband was out in the field on our son’s birthday, but he still had a birthday cookie! Never again.

Birthday Cookie

Here’s a picture of the toy from Mom and Daddy (what he calls us)

Birthday Toy

My son has some new likes and says some new things. He is saying hi, dude, huh, uh oh, wow, ow, mom, daddy, and yeah. He loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and likes Jake and the Neverland Pirates. He will absolutely not allow me to feed him and screams and throws fits whenever he can’t get whatever he happens to want at that moment. Woohoo for parenthood.

He loves McDonald’s chicken nuggets

Sebastian and McDonalds

But he does not like their apple slices

Sebastian and McDonalds 2

It is safe to say that this kid LOVES kid pizza (um, yeah, that’s not going to be a thing he eats too often)

Sebastian and Pizza

I love and hate being a mom. It puts me through so much stress that I didn’t know was even imaginable. So though a certain one of my parents wasn’t really good in memory, I know there was a time I was beyond difficult to deal with. With that being said, thank you, Dad and Mom.


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