An Army Infantryman’s Wife


I am an Army Infantryman’s wife. My husband is gone a lot (yes, I know I married into this life knowing that he would be gone a lot), from being deployed if not in training for deployments. Pre-deployment training is one of the things I hate. I hate the months leading up to him deploying, because I just want it over with and done. The long nights of him being gone, taking care of our child, listening to our son say, “Dada,” and, “Daddy,” all day and night, and trying to just not break down are mentally and physically exhausting, especially with dysautonomia. Wondering whether or not my husband will come home and wondering whether or not my son will get to know his father are constant worries, even when I don’t realize it. Never will I say I’m a single parent with my husband gone, but I worry that I will be someday. It feels as if part of me is missing whenever he isn’t home. I want to be able to kiss him good-bye in the mornings, I want to be able to hold him before we fall asleep at night, and I want him to be able to come home and play with our son. My husband would choose to be home with us over being deployed, but his life is his job. All of my feelings can be summed up in this: I miss him. I want my love and my best friend home and safe.

So before you start complaining that your husband doesn’t help around the house, doesn’t answer his phone every time you call, and has to work 12 hour shifts for a little while, think about the other families out there. There’s a wife sleeping with her laptop open in case her husband gets online, there’s a wife being woken up by a knock on the door by some men dressed in dress blues- dreading telling her the bad news, there is a child cradling a picture of her daddy whom she’ll never be able to talk to again, there is a family trying to cope with their soldier being crippled for life. Be thankful you can complain to your husband, that your husband is able to work, and be thankful that you really aren’t completely on your own. Enjoy your life with your husband.

To my husband: Thank you for all that you do. You are my best friend, and I love you like crazy. I will wait for you, always.


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  1. Couldn’t have said it better Bethany. My man may not have to face all the scary aspects of being deployed all the time like your man, but I feel for you all the same. Having someone you love deployed is scary. Just remember to give the fear and worry to God. He will protect him for us.


  2. Thank you for bravely sharing your admirable experience.. My boyfriend is about to graduate from AIT and I was just in the middle of looking up logistics of getting married before he departs for post in Europe. I know I have a lot ahead of me, but I confidently believe I am ready, willing, and able to be his Army wife. I can’t express the gratitude I have for the ability to read what you and those alike have generously shared of your experience. I admire, agree with, and respect the promise of “I will wait for you, always.” Thank you for reminding me and I’m sure many others, that we are not alone in harboring the true love, loyalty, and army strength it takes to be an Army Wife. Love you to and yours… God Bless.


    • Thank you for your kind words! I hope nothing but the best for you two and your journey together. Marriage in general is hard work without adding stresses that one or both of you being in the military can cause. But it is so worth it. Best of luck! God bless you!


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