I am Frustrated


Today is a rant-ish post. I am frustrated. You may ask, “Why are you frustrated?” Well, I’ll tell you. I’m frustrated at how people say how relationships, from marriages to dating to friendships, ought to be. These people will tell you, “Honey, just leave him. If he loved you, then he would…..” Or, they’ll say something like, “You need to find someone to make you happy.” Um, pardon me, but I think that’s a bit messed up. I firmly believe the world would be a much better place if we concentrated less on feeling “loved” and concentrated more on trying to love others.

In dating relationships and marriages, your goal shouldn’t be feeling loved and how he/she should make you happy. It should be where the both of you are trying to make each other happy. There is an extremely strong chance (and I mean extremely strong) that you’ll feel so much happiness and love you won’t know what do with yourself. Of course, there are some relationships where this may not even work. Even if that’s the case, wouldn’t it be better knowing that if your spouse left you for someone else that it was not your doing at all, but the person who decided to be selfish and concentrate on himself/herself?

Whatever happened to loving people? Caring about people? Helping people? Concentrating on other people’s needs ahead of your own? This is a pretty good part of the reason why many of the people of this world are walkin’ the green mile to destruction.

Stop this whole, “No one is gonna look out for me but me,” nonsense. I certainly know that my mind feels a whole lot lighter not worrying about how other people are treating, but how I’m treating others.

And another thing, don’t worry whether or not a homeless man is really homeless or wonder what he’s going to do with the money you give him. There is no way for you to tell. Just give it in the right heart to someone who may appear to need it, if you are able to do so, of course. Don’t worry about how that person may be worse than a two-timin’ carpetbagger. I’d rather have a loving and giving heart, than a suspicious and skeptical mind. Keep in mind, if that particular homeless man is taking advantage of your kindness, he still has to take that up on Judgement Day. Just like you have to be accountable for how you treated people.

End. Rant.


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