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Morning Routine #2 – Toddler Adventures


If you’ve been following a while, then you know one of my first posts was about my son’s morning routine. Well, tonight I bring you the toddler addition. (Since he’s two years old now, I’m thinking this is overdue.) Anyways, here it goes.


First off, I’m lucky if I wake up before Bug (my new pet name for him). No matter when this kid falls asleep, which is another post all on its own, Bug still wakes up with the sun. Why? Doesn’t this kid know that sleeping in is awesome? Alas, he does not. Yet. Some day….Anyways, he comes into my room and comes up straight to my face. Sometimes I am prepared for this, other times I almost whack him in the face. His signal for me to get up is to move my covers, attempt to give me my glasses (because I can’t be alive without them evidently), hands me the PS3 controller to turn on Netflix, and yells at me to get milk or juice. He enunciates, “Milk,” very well, but the word juice is pronounced, “Jew,” for now. (It can get awkward in public.)

Once I finally wake up enough to know that I exist and have this creature that wants me to feed him for some reason, the fight for breakfast will commence. You see, the fight for breakfast is very much just trying to agree on something he’ll eat that isn’t candy. He knows what candy is now. Oh, how he knows. Bug likes to eat things he can carry around with him, but gets bored with those foods very quickly. No matter what he gets to eat, one or both of my parents’ dogs will devour most of it. (Remember we’re living here with my parents while hubby is gone.) Before that even happens, Bug will offer a piece to one of them, usually the larger, younger dog named Jed, and then scream because the dog took it. His screams translate to, “This concept of sharing is not working for me. Everything is mine, even when I give it to you.” Unless he stuffs his food into your mouth until you look like a chipmunk.


While I try to get him to eat something (I will NOT give into candy for breakfast), he either plays with his slide that’s in his room, wants me to join him in his Jake tent, rolls around the house on his car toy, hits the dogs, pulls on Jed’s face, plays with the broken vacuum cleaner, gets upset with it and wants a working one, scares himself when he plugs it in, throws multiple things (boys are destructive, I’m telling you), yells to go outside no matter the weather, whines while doing everything-even when he’s happy, laughs at Jake on Jake and the Neverland Pirates, or all of the above. It’s usually all of the above. All before 9 A.M. Payback is definitely coming back at this kid when he’s a teenager (I love you, honey). He also does all these things while I try to make the beds, do our laundry, attempt to do my morning yoga session (I love me some yoga), and prepping for cooking or trying to study my Bible.


Lately we’ve been doing activities before lunch. It still qualifies as a morning routine, because he hasn’t eaten lunch yet. We painted a plaster monster for Daddy one day, and we played with slightly moistened cornmeal. He loves the cornmeal.


I’m ready for a nap tomorrow and I haven’t even gone to bed for the night yet. This is a skip night yoga and shower night.