Small Acts of Kindness


The small things are what matter most in life. At least that’s what I coming to realize more every day. The last few days have been emotionally rough for me. My mom told me I needed to get out of the house and do stuff, and she’s right. Tonight I took my soon to get some stuff we needed at the store and stopped by Starbucks on the way home. Whenever I go there at night, the same woman happens to be working at the drive-thru window. She’s always so nice and polite and happy. I love going to this particular Starbucks because of her attitude. In fact, everyone there is always so nice. Well, I went through and ordered the same vanilla bean frappuccino with extra caramel drizzle that I get every time. After paying, I noticed she was standing over where they keep the food and just thought that she was cleaning up for closing. When she came back over to the window, she handed me my drink and handed me a blueberry muffin and said it was on the house. Maybe it was just me being emotional, but I almost cried in her face. Tears welled up in my eyes. I had felt so awful this past week, mentally and physically, and that just made my day.

Point being of my overly detailed story is that you never really know what kind of impact you can make on a person. Even if you’re having an awful day, try not to take it out on others. Make it a point not only to pay it forward, but to have that kindness in you always. Carry the love and kindness of God wherever you go and to whomever you see. You never know the impact you make on people, but try to make it a good one.

The impact for me? I feel more hopeful about life, and I really like blueberry muffins. Seriously, that was an extremely tasty muffin.


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