Reasons why my Son is Crying


Below is a list of reasons of why my son is crying. Note: I didn’t make this to complain or embarrass my kid, but to be able to remember how goofy he is as a toddler and to hopefully make some fellow parents laugh.

  • He thought it was funny that our dog was sitting in his little toddler chair, but he was also extremely angry because the dog was sitting in his little toddler chair. Bedtime quickly followed.
  • I put the exact episode he requested on the T.V. for him.
  • I gave him my phone with the app he wanted to play with. Then gave it back and asked for it again. I gave it back to him again. This repeated for a solid five minutes before he got super happy that he had his game.
  • I gave him mac and cheese when he asked twice for mac and cheese.
  • I played with the action figure he gave me to play with.
  • The dog walked close to him.
  • He attacked the cat and the cat ran away from him.
  • He wanted to play with my phone, but he said it needed to charge. (It was at 100% battery power.)
  • The dog didn’t pee or poop when I let him outside to potty. (This happens every day.)
  • He pooped and needed/wanted a pull-up change, but was upset I wasn’t changing it. (He wouldn’t lie down for it.)

What things does your child(ren) cry about that you think are silly?


About clingingtosanity

I am just a stay-at-home mom who is desperately clinging to her sanity. I am happily married and have a baby boy that was born in early 2012. Never in my life did I ever think I would be a stay-at-home mom, but because of some health issues, and child care being so expensive, here I am! Hope you enjoy!

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