3 Ingredient Country Biscuits


Do you know why I love country food? Generally speaking, not only does it taste awesome, but it’s simple. For instance, my KoKo’s biscuits. Everyone thought there was something special about her biscuits, and everyone also thought they were very complicated. Well, she told me her recipe, and as her only granddaughter, I’d like to have it so people can use it.


2 cups self-rising flour

3/4 cup of milk (start with 3/4 cup and add as needed, depending on the weather I sometimes add more)

1/4 to 1/2 cup of Crisco shortening

Preheat oven to 450. Mix all the ingredients together really well. If it’s a little sticky, that’s okay. Just add extra flour to the counter where you knead it at. Pour enough flour to coat the space on the counter where you will knead your dough, place your dough on top and dust some flour over it. Knead/fold no more than 12 times. Flatten it out with your hands (no need to dirty dishes further by using a rolling-pin) until it’s your desired thickness. Cut it with a biscuit cutter or, if you’re like me and keep forgetting to buy one at the store, just use a butter knife and cut is as closely as you can to a circle. Besides, I always enjoyed the fun shaped pieces that would come out growing up. Place them either in a cake pan or a cast iron pan. Bake them roughly 12 minutes or until they are turning a delicious brown on top. Cool and enjoy! I recommend topping them with some equal parts butter and Golden Eagle syrup. You know you have the right consistency when you run a biscuit half through it and about half of it gets lost.

If you have a difficult time in getting the flour to milk ratio correct, just take a spoon and make them drop biscuits instead. It works fine that way, too.

*Side note: I don’t post pictures of me making this stuff on purpose. One thing I learned from KoKo was that at some point you just have to trust yourself as a cook. My motto: As long as it tastes good and doesn’t kill ya, then it’s alright.

Below is a picture of my biscuits and some apple butter dipping sauce. I made the sauce accidentally one day when making fried apples. As soon as I figure out just what I did, I’ll post that recipe too.



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