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Musings of a Cop’s Daughter


I am the daughter of a former law enforcement officer. My dad took his retirement early being that his body was pretty beat up after years of physical altercations and instances on the job. Needless to say, it was sometimes awkward in school. My dad used to go to classmates’ houses for domestic disturbances or whatnot. Lately, I’ve been seeing and hearing a lot more cop bashing. (You know, there was a time I wouldn’t even use the word, “cop.” I saw it as disrespectful.)

The older I got, the more I understood the dangers of my dad’s job. Whether it be from criminals, driving, or even crooked cops. There was something always to worry about. I understand now just why my dad was always onto me about safety, such as always keeping the doors locked, never wear heels in case I have to run or fight, keep an eye out for people around me, etc. Eventually I came to appreciate the sacrifices my dad made.

Seeing all of the negativity surround law enforcement officers now offends me greatly. Don’t blame policemen for your mistakes or the mistakes of others. Many officers of the law are under constant stress for their lives and the lives of others every day. Routine traffic stops can quickly turn deadly, all because a guy doesn’t want another ticket.

Police officers have to see gruesome scenes, even see people kill themselves while they are helpless to stop them. Forgive me for saying so, but who are you to say cops are out there to get you? Who are you to say that they’re worthless? Who are you to say that cops are racist? They see the worst of people, but they keep going out there to help people. As a society, we can’t exist without the police.

The police save many lives every day in many different ways. Are there bad officers? Yes, but there are bad people in all walks of life. I can tell you, I would trust the word of a cop over a criminal any day of the week.

Stop bashing cops. Oh, wait. You only hate them when you don’t need them. Cops are only good when they’re saving you, but you don’t care. So, have fun being on that high horse while you can. There may be a day when you need them, but they won’t be there because of people like you.



An Army Infantryman’s Wife


I am an Army Infantryman’s wife. My husband is gone a lot (yes, I know I married into this life knowing that he would be gone a lot), from being deployed if not in training for deployments. Pre-deployment training is one of the things I hate. I hate the months leading up to him deploying, because I just want it over with and done. The long nights of him being gone, taking care of our child, listening to our son say, “Dada,” and, “Daddy,” all day and night, and trying to just not break down are mentally and physically exhausting, especially with dysautonomia. Wondering whether or not my husband will come home and wondering whether or not my son will get to know his father are constant worries, even when I don’t realize it. Never will I say I’m a single parent with my husband gone, but I worry that I will be someday. It feels as if part of me is missing whenever he isn’t home. I want to be able to kiss him good-bye in the mornings, I want to be able to hold him before we fall asleep at night, and I want him to be able to come home and play with our son. My husband would choose to be home with us over being deployed, but his life is his job. All of my feelings can be summed up in this: I miss him. I want my love and my best friend home and safe.

So before you start complaining that your husband doesn’t help around the house, doesn’t answer his phone every time you call, and has to work 12 hour shifts for a little while, think about the other families out there. There’s a wife sleeping with her laptop open in case her husband gets online, there’s a wife being woken up by a knock on the door by some men dressed in dress blues- dreading telling her the bad news, there is a child cradling a picture of her daddy whom she’ll never be able to talk to again, there is a family trying to cope with their soldier being crippled for life. Be thankful you can complain to your husband, that your husband is able to work, and be thankful that you really aren’t completely on your own. Enjoy your life with your husband.

To my husband: Thank you for all that you do. You are my best friend, and I love you like crazy. I will wait for you, always.

In Times of Grief


This is the first post I have made in a while. My son came down sick, as did I, and we’re both still trying to get better. It is sad to me that my first post in roughly three weeks is about the massacres of little children in Connecticut and the injured children in China.

Today, a young man went into an elementary school in Newtown, CT and murdered 20 children, 6 adults, and then killed himself. People are trying to make sense of this tragedy, but I don’t believe that sense can be made of it. If you can make sense of why one young man murdered 20 children, then something is wrong with you.

In China, 22 innocent children and an 85-year-old woman were stabbed by a mentally deranged man. China has seen several attacks on school children since 2010. School children are targeted, because it will make the most impact.

It does not matter what weapon evil people choose to carry out their acts, what matters is that the evil people commit those acts. You cannot blame an inanimate object for despicable acts. You cannot legislate out evil or try to fix those people. Some people are just bad. Maybe we should do what the Israelis do in their school systems – their teachers are armed.

Tonight, say a prayer for all of the families affected by both tragedies. Pray to God to comfort those families who lost loved ones. Pray for those that are injured to make a speedy recovery. Pray to God in hopes that these tragedies won’t keep happening. Hug your children tonight and thank God that you are able to hold them tight and kiss their cheeks.

“Blessed are those who mourn, For they shall be comforted.” Matt 5:4 (NKJV)